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Jan 4th 2012 - 3 more starter templates now available; Synergy, American Beauty Jem and Raya!

Sep 7th 2011 - Visitors can now send attachments when they contact you online!

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JemCon 2015: Freedom in Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia, PA.
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Last updated: June 11th, 2015  

The Admin back-end (ALL packages):

  • Fast Edit: Edit and save changes using a point-and-click toolbar
  • File Manager: Structure, upload, rename, move, download and delete files
  • Head Tags Manager: Add custom styles and scripts to customize your site
  • Metadata Manager: Set site-wide or page-specific keywords and descriptions to help people find your website via search engines
  • Page Manager: Create new pages, order the menu, toggle button visibility, backup, restore, rename, move, archive and delete the pages of your site
  • Sub-Page Manager: Exactly like the "Page Manager" but for sub-pages of your website... check out the automatic and sleek multi-level menu too!
  • Articles Manager: Easily manage your unlimited "multi-page articles"
    (not applicable to "basic" packages)
  • Poll Manager: Quickly update your home page poll question
  • Search Manager: Index your website regularly for fast, internal searches
  • Mailing Manager: Email subscribers with your latest news and special offers
  • Settings Manager: Change the layout, banner, add blocks and more!

... and an Admin front-end (ALL packages)

As well as having a sleek and nifty Admin back-end to update your website, you also get a sleek and nifty Admin toolbar that loads directly on all the pages of your website.

Just login to the Admin back-end (username = "admin" / password = "demo") and return here to see the toolbar in action at the bottom of the page!

Once logged in, you'll also notice "Fast Edit" icons that appear in the top corners of all your side-blocks; admin-power at your finger-tips!

Friendly help and support

We'll also provide all of our mini-webmasters with;

  • Tools: FREE software such as, video editors and image optimisers, etc.

  • Tips: A dedicated forum where tips to save space, etc. can be discussed

  • Tutorials: A dedicated forum with coding tutorials and code snippets, etc.

Try before you buy

To see just how simple and feature-packed the Admin back-end really is, why not test the demo. (username = "admin" / password = "demo")

How do I sign-up for my JemCon mini-website?

Head over to our official JemCon mini-website hosting service page where you can sign-up using our convenient online form!

Please read our "Terms & Conditions" before buying.

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Username = "admin"
Password = "demo"

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