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Jan 4th 2012 - 3 more starter templates now available; Synergy, American Beauty Jem and Raya!

Sep 7th 2011 - Visitors can now send attachments when they contact you online!

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August 28th-30th,
Philadelphia, PA.
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Last updated: June 11th, 2015  

Discuss, share and interact with your visitors via a blog and comment system!

Your mini-website can be a great tool; you can write about things that are important to you, keep an online diary or provide ongoing dialogue or news about a given topic.

If you're selling services or goods, your mini-website is an excellent way to reach your customers and what better way to promote yourself than to talk about all the wonderful things you can provide, make or do.

But, what about the voice of the public? Hear what your visitors think by opening an online discussion on one, some or all of your mini-website pages with the help of an optional comment system!

With one-click in the Admin back-end, you can instantly, and automatically, add a comment form to any page you choose and when a visitor posts something, you'll conveniently receive an email in your inbox so there's no guessing, or random checking, involved. Worried about spam? No problem! All comment forms come with anti-spam captcha and a separate admin panel, meaning that comments won't be visible online until you make them so. All comments are also fully editable and can be deleted too.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your mini-website and start a blog today!

A comment system like this is included in ALL JemCon mini-website packages.

Don't forget that ALL mini-websites also come with a fully editable home page poll questions to allow another form of fast and to-the-point visitor interaction too!

Reasons to blog
(and get your own JemCon mini-website):

  • Express yourself
    Writing about something you believe in demonstrates true commitment and passion and a blog provides a place to say it and be heard.

  • Promote yourself
    It's a great way to promote the things you make, sell and do, and your knowledge will establish trust in others.

  • Connect with others
    Like attracts like. Bring people with similar interests together in one place and support each other.

  • Help others
    Sharing experiences and giving advice can help people who are going through similar things.

  • Challenge yourself
    Keeping websites fun and interesting can be a challenge. Think creatively to keep your content up-to-date and keep visitors coming back for more.


Past visitors have left the following comments:

Dan, 15 Jul 2011

Nice feature - comments are a really good way to get people talking and with all the increased return visits to check replies, Google will rank your website higher! Bonus!

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