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Customizing your mini-website is so easy!

So you want to change your mini-website's starter template and make it more personal? No problem! The starter templates are just to get things rolling quickly, but you can easily change the look of your mini-website to anything you like. Or ask us to customize it for you!

* Need a custom design? Personalized templates can be created on request. Contact us with your ideas for a FREE redesign.

Method 1: change your site settings

You can customize your mini-website page layout with just a few clicks in the "Website Settings" area of the Admin back-end. As a mini-webmaster, you can;

Use your own custom banner Use a 2 or 3 column layout
Example of custom banner in use
Example of minimal 2 column layout
Add 1-4 empty content blocks Add 1-4 pre-filled content blocks
Example of all empty blocks in use Example all pre-defined blocks in use

Not only do you have free-reign over what you put in the 4 empty content blocks, the 4 pre-filled content blocks can be customized too;

  • Add your latest mini-website updates to the "Recent Updates" block,
  • Change your home page poll question whenever you want,
  • Use your own pictures in the image rotator block,
  • Publish your mini-website news to the scrolling Jem Community Newsfeed

But that's not all folks! You can also;

  • Upload your own font to change the look of the "fancy font" titles,
  • Disable the "Gallery" and "Videos" pages when they're not in use,
  • And change the colors of your video player's playlist and controls

Method 2: using Cascading Style Sheets [CSS]

If you want to give your mini-website a total facelift, you can, using CSS styles in the "Head Tags Manager".

Don't worry if you're new to CSS; we'll give you the help and code snippets you need when you post your request in our dedicated forum.

With just a few custom images for your banner, background and content blocks, you can make your mini-website totally different and unique to you!

Here are some example makeovers to show what you can achieve;

Customized "Roxy" template Customized "Aja" template
Into The Flipside Little Voice

Customized "Jetta" template Customized "Aja" template
Back in Shape Milky Mixer

So, put everything together (using combinations of the above examples) and basically you can build or dress your mini-website any way you choose!

How do I sign-up for my JemCon mini-website?

Head over to our official JemCon mini-website hosting service page where you can sign-up using our convenient online form!

Please read our "Terms & Conditions" before buying.


Past visitors have left the following comments:

Ricky, 30 Apr 2011

I need a totally different website template but don't know anything about website design - can you make one for me?

Beverley, 30 Apr 2011

Yes, you can get a FREE redesign/customization - just ask!!!

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