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"Picture Perfect": Smile!

The gallery below shows examples of all available mini-website templates in both a 2 and 3 column layout.

Choosing a 2 or 3 column layout is easy and you can do it at any time in your Admin back-end - after a month, or year, or whenever you feel like a change.

You can also see live working website demos of each starter template in the "Starter Templates" page.

Starter templates validate to XHTML 1.0 Transitional standards, as outlined by the WC3.

* Need a custom design? Personalized templates can be created on request. Contact us with your ideas for a FREE redesign.

An auto-populating image gallery like this is included in ALL JemCon mini-website packages.

Just upload pictures to the special folder and their file names become captions!

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Admin Back-End Demo

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Username = "admin"
Password = "demo"

12 Starter Templates

Pizzazz starter template Roxy starter template Stormer starter template Jetta starter template Clash starter template Aja starter template American Beauty starter template Kimber starter template Shana starter template Synergy starter template Astral starter template Raya starter template
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