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Jan 4th 2012 - 3 more starter templates now available; Synergy, American Beauty Jem and Raya!

Sep 7th 2011 - Visitors can now send attachments when they contact you online!

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Shana Elmsford

(The voice of Cindy McGee)

Shana plays bass guitar and drums and sings backing vocals for The Holograms. As a youngster she became the Benton's second foster girl. She was painfully shy but with a little love and a lot of patience, became close friends with Jerrica, Kimber and Aja. Shana is a talented clothes designer, making stage fashions for The Holograms and keeping The Starlight Girls clothed and looking good on a budget. She is generally shy and quiet, although will speak her mind when offering advice to her peers. Kimber and the other Starlight Girls see her as a mother figure and it is easy to see why with her loving, caring nature. She can also be a little emotional at times. Her romantic interest in the show is music video director, Anthony Julian.

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